With our customers and suppliers as well as in our chemistry, PfP builds strong bonds for lasting relationships and product integrity. Building Strong Bonds
Product blending in-house enables PfP Technology to continuously improve and perfect proprietary blending formulations, procedure, and equipment, ensuring the highest level of product performance. In-House Product Blending
With our Technical Service, R&D labs and staff of experienced Chemists and formulation experts, PfP continues to develop products to fill customers' needs, providing the highest level of quality and consistency. Product Formulation Expertise
When you need on-site blending and bulk storage equipment, our sister company, Roughneck, is your go-to source for reliable and "in-the-field tough" products for lease. Field Blending & Bulk Storage
With 5 blending and distribution locations across the U.S., we provide efficient service to the major regions of activity. Strategic Industry Coverage
Our 6 manufacturing and sourcing labs maintain comprehensive quality control in our manufacturing procedures and quality assurance from the sourcing of raw materials to final product delivery. Full Circle QA/QC
In partner with OptiBlend Industries, Inc., we maintain an extensive fleet of trucks and trailers for warehouse and field delivery of liquid and dry goods. Reliable Professional Logistics

PfP Industries 2013 Highlights and Looking forward

PfP Highlights and Projections   PfP made significant strides in 2013 expanding their technological reach in key North American...

PfP Technology Expands Operations to The Permian Basin

The Permian Basin has always been an area of considerable opportunity for PfP Technology. With the recent increase in...


Today's guar price is: 118.3INR/KG

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